ABOUT The Big Kids

It all Started with our own collecting habits. Like many of you we love to have little bits of our past around us! Weather it be something we still have from our childhood or something we never had but always wanted! Then we found the Village. And by the end of the day we had made up our mind! We were going to open a Vintage Store! So we sat down and discussed what we wanted to sell and how we wanted the store to feel. Well we absolutely love everything about toys and pop culture so it was a no-brainer! We wanted to fill the store with memories! Little bits of everyone's past! And we wanted it to feel like home, so we added the living room! Some sweet shag rug, wood paneling, a console tv and an ugly couch! Ok so we had the idea! now we needed a name... While trying to explain what we were trying to open, one of our friends replied "Oh so its like a big kid store!?!" and there we have it folks.. Our name, The Big Kid Store because really aren't we all just Big Kids at heart? and the rest is history! So stop by any Sunday or Wednesday and relive a bit of your childhood! We specialize in the 80s and 90s but carry toys, video games, and much more from the 1930s to today!

Voted One of the Best toy stores in Ocean County 2017 by Asbury Park Press Readers!